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Placenta Encapsulation Training Course

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This is a self paced, comprehensive placenta education course discussing the history, anatomy, risks, process and business of encapsulation. Placenta encapsulation is a meaningful, flexible career where you can serve clients after birth. It's perfect for incorporation into your current practice in birth work or starting one. If you are looking for a in depth training that will prepare you for serving your community you’re in the right place! Students have 2 years to complete this course, although most will complete within 1-6 months depending on time commitments. In depth 10 module course includes: Overview of Placentophagy Placenta Anatomy and Physiology Placenta Traditions TCM vs Raw Method Postpartum Expectations & Postnatal Mood disorders Functions of the placenta Hormones and the Placenta Delayed Cord Clamping When Placenta Should Not Be Consumed Proper Storage Techniques Hospital Relationships and Professionalism Transporting the Placenta Preparing the Placenta Supplies for Placenta Preparation Proper Sanitation Procedures Bloodborne Pathogens Disposal of Wastes Tutorials and Instructions Birthing your Business Free Printables 2 Free Mini Courses Requirements: -Join the site or Facebook support group. -Complete the modules and short quizzes in this course. -Obtain a Bloodborne Pathogen certification via Biologix (add'l fee $15). -Complete 2 placenta encapsulations (with completed intake forms). -Food Handling Course ( add'l fee $10) There are no refunds.





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