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Massage Therapy

Head Massage
Pouring Massage Oil

Length of Massage     Price   Couples Massage
    60 minutes               $95              $199
    75 minutes               $109             $229
    90 minutes              $129              $279
   120 minutes              $169              $349

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal massage is specifically for those who are expecting. Prenatal massage helps release pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy. All prenatal massages must be performed after the first trimester for safety.

Mommy and Me
Postpartum and Newborn Massage for both mom and baby together. If there is remaining time from baby massage, this will be available to mom.

*Please note: Baby massages should occur 45 minutes after a feeding and delay feeding 15 minutes after a massage to decrease chances of spitting up.

Mini Session- 45 mins- $75
Ideal for quick pick me up or as a trial of services.

Third Trimester Weekly Package- $540 or $1,365
Prenatal massage has many benefits and can help you throughout all stages of your pregnancy. A prenatal massage during the third trimester is highly recommended. By the time you hit the third trimester you are starting the countdown. Not just to meet your new baby but also because your body is most likely uncomfortable by now. It’s possible your feet are swelling, your back aches and you probably can’t sleep. Prenatal massage can help with all of these and more. Consists of thirteen 60 min massages or six 60 min massages.

Belly Buddy Massage
Couples massage for two expecting people at the same time.

Lymphatic Massage
Manual lymphatic massage (MLD) is a very gentle form of massage to help with water retention (also known as edema) and to assist in the body's natural detoxification process and clear away toxins. It is ideal for those needing gentle handling, whether pregnant or for postnatal conditions. Don’t worry, we avoid pressure points associated with the pelvis, wrists, hands, and ankles to prevent triggering contractions. Because of increased blood volume and the risk of blood clots during pregnancy, we avoid deep tissue massage in the legs and thighs.

Induction Massage
An induction massage is the blend of relaxation techniques to soothe the nervous system, neuromuscular massage to release muscular tension in the core muscle groups and acupressure points to induce uterine contractions. suggested to schedule one week prior to your due date. For example, if your due date is April 17 you would schedule your induction massage 5-7 days to your 40th week of pregnancy. The body normally requires 2-3 days to activate uterine contractions if it is ready to deliver.

Pampered Partner
Partners are deserving of a little love as well and what is better than a little therapy! This is the perfect time for the parenting partner to enjoy a little stress free quit time, while letting go of the work and worries of the day.

Postpartum Massage
A postpartum massage can be given as soon as you feel comfortable. Following a cesarean delivery, the standard recommendation is 4-6 weeks after incision has healed and you feel comfortable lying face down. This massage relaxes muscles, improves sleep, increases circulation and lowers stress hormones (norepinephrine), encouraging both physical and emotional relief. Increase in “feel good” hormones (serotonin and dopamine). If you have had an epidural, please mention this to your massage therapist, as you may be sore at the site of the epidural.

4th Trimester Package - $360
These postpartum massages are sure to relieve tension, reduce stress and allow for relaxation. Consists of four 60 min massages.




•120 min massage not available for first time clients as it can sometimes be too much for an initial session. Must be an established client and discuss with therapist before booking first 120 minute session.

Your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority. If you have questions, concerns or comments about your massage at any time, please speak with management.

Please get clearance from your doctor for a massage. A massage is not recommended if you are:

⁃ Experiencing nausea, vomiting and morning sickness
⁃ At high risk for miscarriage
⁃ You have a high risk pregnancy such as placenta abruption (where the placenta detaches from he uterine wall)      or preterm labor
⁃ In your first trimester
⁃ Have problems with blood clotting


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