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Doula Mentorship Program


The Naturally Nurtured Birth Doula Mentorship Program is designed to support doulas at any stage of their journey to becoming confident, compassionate and skilled birth workers. This program is for Memphis doulas or doulas miles away. This unique program builds passion in your doula work while ensuring you gain the skills necessary to be effective and competent for your families. We encourage all doulas interested in expanding their birth community, attaining more clients and enriching their knowledge base to apply to the program. Services in this program are currently provided by Naturally Nurtured Birth Services founder, Shanille Bowens, CD(DONA), CLC.




Shanille Bowens, CD(DONA), CLC

You MUST have successfully completed a doula training and must commit to a minimum of 3-months with your mentor. Certification is not required.



In our 3 month mentorship program doulas will be provided with evidence based information, on-call support, practical tools and an opportunity to develop your skills and business as a doula. It is our goal to deepen your understanding of pregnancy, birth and postpartum and to support you in becoming a confidant doula. Although there is a 3 month minimum for the mentorship program, doulas are welcome to continue beyond the initial 3 months on a month by month basis or another 3 month term.


  • Monthly one-on-one sessions with your Mentor– You are encouraged to bring your questions, concerns, your self-doubt and your triumphs so we can discuss them in depth. These sessions are tailored by you and your mentor to give you the most support possible on your journey.

  • Monthly Virtual Doula Circles– Every month we make time to share birth experiences, collaborate, laugh and learn from each other. The sessions will combine structured topic- based conversation with open discussion and shared wisdom. This is an excellent opportunity to find your tribe; feel inspired, and nurture yourself. Doula Circles are instrumental for maintaining passion in your doula work and keeping you attuned to the power of positive birth.


  • Exclusive access to the developing Naturally Nurtured Community Facebook Page– We provide a safe place in social media for approved doulas and birth workers to post questions, share articles and get feedback from our network of birth professionals. This is by invitation only and provides enriching information for your day-to-day work.


  • Opportunities to meet potential clients-Attending births is a very import aspect of our mentorship program, although we do not guarantee how many births a doula may attend during the mentorship session due to limitations and flow of birth. If situations allow, you will attend two births with your mentor: one birth you watch, one you work and the mentor supports you. We do provide our mentees with opportunities to meet prospective families. Mentees are also encouraged to actively attain clients in the community and will be guided through strategies to do so by their mentors.


  • On-call phone support for births– We understand that our mentees want to provide calm and confident support to their families and while we can’t be with you at every birth, we are with you in spirit and by phone! Labor is as unique as the woman experiencing it. All doulas have times of uncertainty, worry and confusion. We encourage mentees to contact your mentor at any point during a labor for additional support and fresh strategies.


  • Built in back-up for mentee doula – Because illness and unforeseen events happen, our doula collective offers an easy way for local doulas to arrange back-up with each other once they have booked with a client.


  • Mentees are encouraged to attend an entire series of childbirth classes to gain the basic information of childbirth and to better understand the dynamics of educating families while supporting their vision for their birth.


  • CLC Mentoring- We encourage mentees to attend a breastfeeding class and/or a mentoring session with one of our CLC's. Doula support can extend past the birth of the baby and many doulas feel inspired to branch out and learn postpartum and breastfeeding support. This is a great way to begin the foundational training that all doulas will find useful at some point in their career.


  • Support with exam preparation, required readings and essays- Book reviews, topic based essays, birth reflections and research papers are often required to complete your Doula Certification. Your mentor and Naturally Nurtured community members provide an amazing resource for you to call on when working on these assignments.


  • Many certifying institutions (DONA, CAPPA, to Labor) require doulas receive at least 2 letters of recommendation and/or letters of completion. We would be happy to provide you with a letter of completion/recommendation within 30 days of completing the Mentorship Program when merited.

  • Business help and suggestions- Marketing and business planning can be difficult. We are here to provide insight on contract writing, services offered, scheduling consultations, meeting structures and balance with family life.​ During the course of your mentorship, you will become equipped to set up your doula business and learn the relational side of birth work. You will develop professional birth worker conduct, boundaries, speech, engagement, and body language.

  • 3 months of ongoing virtual (texting, email, phone call) support after mentorship program is completed as you begin your practice and have questions.

  • Potential to become a collective member of Naturally Nurtured Birth Services upon mentorship completion or entry into our referral program.

We appreciate your interest in being a part of The Naturally Nurtured Community as well your commitment to improving birth experiences for families. We are excited to learn more about who you are and how we can supportive to you while you support families!


The Naturally Nurtured Birth Mentorship program is $150 per month. All fees must be paid at the start of mentorship.

To set up an interview for The Naturally Nurtured Birth Mentorship Program or for more information please contact us.

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