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Breast Pump Rental

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What are breast pumps?


A breast pump is a machine that is used to remove milk from the breasts.  Many are able to hand express breastmilk, but may find that using a pump is quicker and easier.  A double pump can remove milk from both breasts at the same time. A single pump only removes milk from one breast at a time.

What is included with the rental?


For hygienic reasons, the rental is for the machine only and each user must already own or purchase a pumping kit at time of rental. The accessory kits include a flexible membrane which prevents milk from getting to the motor, allowing these pumps to be used by multiple users safely.

I received a breast pump kit at the hospital, can I use this with the rental breast pump?

Yes, these parts can be used with any Medela Pump.


Should I rent or buy a breast pump?

Whether to rent or purchase a breast pump depends on many different factors. If you are planning on pumping for a short period of time, such as 1 - 6 months, it may be more economical to rent a breast pump. Another factor to consider is how often you will be pumping. If you have a baby who is unable to nurse, you will be pumping 8 - 10 times per day in the early months. A hospital grade breast pump is recommended to establish and maintain a healthy milk supply for those who are exclusively pumping. If you don't have insurance and cant afford to purchase you may opt to rent a pump instead.

How long can I rent the pump for?

All rentals are month to month and you can rent for as long as you want/need to! (three month minimum)

Is it safe to rent a breast pump?

Our pumps are thoroughly sanitized between every rental. We never rent accessories like flanges, tubes or bottles to avoid any exposure to bodily fluids. 


Where can I purchase pump accessories?

Spectra accessories can be purchased here

Medela accessories can be purchased here.

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