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Spectra S1

Spectra S1.jpg


  • Natural Nursing Technology: The Spectra S1 electric breast pump features technology that allows comfortable suction levels that mimic the experience of natural breastfeeding as closely as possible

  • Perfect for Travel: The Spectra S1 is portable and rechargeable, making it ideal for being on-the-go, with the back compartment that fits a Spectra bottle (not included)

  • Single or Double Pumping: Can be used as a single electric breast pump or a double electric breast pump and for best results, authentic Spectra Baby accessories are recommended

  • Hygienic: Spectra backflow protector creates a complete physical barrier between your milk and the pump motor, ensuring that your milk is protected while also being easy to clean and maintain

  • Vacuum suction up to L12

  • 270 mmHg

  • Weighs only 3 lbs

  • Built in night-light

  • LCD screen

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