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Event Volunteer – Specific job descriptions will vary with the needs of each fundraising, vending or marketing event.

Childcare – Involves supervising a child or children for a predetermined period of time for events or meetings. Must be 16 or older and complete training and  our Child Safe Policy.

Sorting Donations – Can take place in one of our homes or donation site. May involve heavy lifting or carrying, but most times does not.

Donation Pickup and Delivery - Involves the pick-up and delivery of small donations such as clothes, supplies or toiletries but could include large donations (baby cribs, car seats, mattresses, dressers, etc.). Volunteers ok with lifting and with large vehicles preferred for larger items. 

Professional Skills Opportunities - We frequently need volunteers with special skills and professional expertise to assist with photography/videography, law questions, graphic design, financial planning, marketing, social media, etc.

Clerical/Administrative - Occasionally we need volunteers to help with creating forms or spreadsheets or to update resource lists etc.

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