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Hello, I'm Shanille.

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Shanille Bowens, CLC, CD(DONA)

Founder/ Certified Birth Doula/ Postpartum Doula/ PAIL Doula/ Certified Lactation Counselor/ Student Midwife/ Placenta Encapsulator/ Phlebotomist

My journey as a birth worker started during my first pregnancy with my oldest son in 2002. My eyes were opened to the many ways that we can choose to experience pregnancy and birth; neither better than the next. It was so freeing to me to know that birth can look so different for everyone. I began looking for the kind of support I wanted for my own birth and found it with an incredible doula who assisted me as I labored naturally for 17 1/2 hours. I learned how important it was to have a solid support system to help achieve the kind of birth wanted and while navigating early postpartum days as a new mom, trying to figure things out. I became passionate about walking alongside others in their birth and postpartum journeys, knowing that it can have a profound effect on our confidence as women, as parents, our mental health, and the relationships we have with our children. I became a key resource among friends and family on all things concerning birth, breastfeeding and pregnancy loss. I held space for friends and family while in labor and postpartum assisting with breastfeeding struggles and questions. I also developed a deeply rooted passion in supporting mothers and families going through prenatal and infant loss due to my own experiences while trying to conceive.

After birthing my youngest son in the comfort of my own home in 2018 and experiencing such an empowering birth, I decided to take the next step in pursuit of my passion for birth work and certify as a doula with DONA (Doulas of North America). Additionally, I am a Certified Lactation Counselor through The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice and am dedicated to protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding. I trained as a Midwifery Assistant with Blooming Moon Midwifery Services of Tupelo, MS and am a current Student Midwife enrolled in the National College of Midwifery.


As a doula, my focus is to be a reliable, unbiased resource on your team as you navigate the many decisions that come along during pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. I am a mother to six children, three boys and three girls and have a heart for serving and learning from those in true need. I love decorating, gardening, organizing, and reading. I spend my off days somewhere in nature, enjoying family time, lost in a good book or sailing away to music. 

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