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Hello, I'm Danshell.


Professional Doula 

I’ve always been a nurturer for as long as I can remember. My love for birth work developed once I became an adult and started to imagine how my birthing experience would be. I heard stories of other women during their birthing experiences and realized that we were witnessing and navigating through trauma and unfavorable situations. I understood that women should always feel supported and assured during such a beautiful life changing experience. I knew I had to step up and help make change within the birthing world. My main goal is to help change the disparities and maternal health outcomes for black mothers and bring confidence and trust to the birthing space for all women. I believe in empowering all women in any stage of life, especially as they bring new life into the world. I would love to have children one day and know that I can be the change that I forsee.


In my opinion, every family deserves a doula and should have access to support and education throughout their pregnancy and birth. I received my doula training with Blooming Lotus Birthing Services. In addition to doula work, I’m also a Chef and fully understand the importance and need for proper supply of nutrients that are essential for mommy and baby.

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