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Montrice Services


Naturally Nurtured Birth Services offers monitrice services for clients planning an out-of-hospital births or who wish to labor at home if possible before heading to the hospital. This service includes usage of our labor suite.


A monitrice is a non-medical attendant with assessment and clinical skills. We do not replace your OB or Midwife.


A Montrice or Labor Assistant is skilled at checking vitals such as blood pressure, fetal heart tones, palpating fetal position, cervical checks (upon request during labor) assessing labor progress, determines when to transfer to the hospital, newborn assessment, breastfeeding support, and antenatal education. A monitrice does not perform these tasks at the hospital, offsite birthing center, or when the midwife has come unless the caregiver consents. A Monitrice does not make primary care decisions or diagnosis but can provide referrals.


You will receive all the typical support you can expect from a doula but with added clinical support from a trained Montrice/Midwife Assistant.


At the arrival of your Midwife, or transferring to a hospital or birthing center, your Montrice will assume the role of Doula only. No clinical support will be available. Your Montrice is not a Midwife and will not catch or assist in the birth without your provider present. While we believe in birth autonomy, if you have no birth professional available such as a midwife or OB, we will not be able to attend the birth event in its completion.

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